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Unibet Reviews


Have you ever heard about Unibet? For us, it was the first time when we heard about this betting service. To be honest, we saw many services that looked like Unibet, but we didn`t expect that this service will be so old. It was found in 1997, and since that time millions of users bet on matches, events and competitions there. Unibet earned the reputations as one of the best betting services ever.

However, times are changing, and we know that a lot of new clients are coming to this website to make a bet. But what they know about it. Is it good enough for regular betting? Can they use its services without any risks? If you are really interested, read our article, and you will find all answers.

Pros and cons

We would like to start with the main page. It`s too primitive. We can`t say that it`s the perfect main page for betting service, but it`s not too bad. Here, users have all needed buttons: sport betting, esports betting, live in-play, casino, live casino, games (Blackjack, roulette etc.), poker, bingo and even live streaming. Pretty good set, right? Yes, because if you are not ready to bet on any available event, you can start playing games or test your luck in roulette. Unibet gives you multiple choice, and it`s good.

What about disadvantages? Well, there are a lot of unnecessary icons with advertisements, extra bets and other unneeded things.

Interface and usability

For the first time you may think that the website is too simple and a little bit uncomfortable. It`s normal, because the company uses old-fashioned prints and design of the pages. You should spend at least ten minutes on the site to get used to it.

All sport disciplines are set in special columns, so you are able to choose. Or, if you don`t want to waste time scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you can use the searching window.

Website also shows you the number of all live daily events and the upcoming events.

Esports betting offer

Everybody knows that esports is the most popular topic on betting services, so we must say a few words about it.

With Unibet, you are able to bet on such disciplines like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, StarCraft, Overwatch and Call of Duty.

Yes, it`s not the best choice, but not every betting service is able to give you an opportunity for esports betting. You just need to search for the discipline you want to bet on, and the system will show you all available events. We won`t compare the coefficients of Unibet with other famous services, because it`s not necessary here.

Bet types

Unibet is a classic betting service, so the only type of betting here is betting with real money. The only available value here is American dollar.

Unibet bonuses and promotions

If we are talking about promotions, it`s important to say that Bonus unibet code can give users such options. After signing this service, you will have access to better coefficients, special bets, unusual bonuses for different competitions (Champions League, ice hockey big tournaments etc.). Don`t forget – this is a paid offer.

Mobile betting

Today, a bigger part of all betting services has an option of mobile betting, when clients are able to bet on sports events from their smartphones. And, we must say that Unibet odds has such option, so if you don`t have access to your personal computer and want to bet on a match quickly, you can do it from your mobile device.

Company also has small bonus for all clients: they also could download special apps for poker, casino and hockey to receive updates and recommendations for betting.

Payment methods and support

When it comes to paying process, every user gets nervous, because he doesn`t want to lose his money. And if you are working with Unibet, you don`t need to worry about it – all payments are protected according to the privacy policy and company rules, so no one will get your money.

You are able to pay from your debit card or from your online wallet. Don`t forget to put some money there before betting!


It`s hard to say something about this betting service. For the first time, you think that it will offer you some unusual operations, special discounts or something else, but in fact all betting services are working with the same principles. Of course, someone has its own features, but the main idea here is to give clients all needed services.

The disadvantages of the website aren`t so huge, because when you start working you simply forget about them. You click on the event, you choose your team, you bet on the result and close the page. The job is done!

We think that betting service Unibet is a good choice for people who need to bet fast and without any risks.