Review eSports bettings

Nitrogen Sports Reviews

The industry of online betting is progressing every year. We can see new features from the developers, we can try new services and use unusual offers from the bookies.

Today, it`s hard to choose one betting website that will have all needed functions, high coefficients and optimal payment methods. However, we still can test some services and choose the best one, and right now we will give you a review of the new unknown betting service. It`s called Nitrogen Sports.

Pros and cons

Here, we want to start with negative aspects, because they appeared since we opened the main page. Website is not completely optimized, and the downloading process may take at least five minutes.

The second negative aspect is that when you open the main page, the system shows you a window for account creation. You can`t close it or move away, so you need to log in or create new profile, and only then look through the available offers. It`s good that we know how to go through this problem…

The first positive aspect is that all important buttons are on it`s places. You need help? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and write a message to the company. Want to look on the live events? Click on the column at the right side of the page, and you will find needed table.

Interface and usability

Nitrogen Sports don`t have any problems with usability. System immediately reacts on your clicks, and all pages are opening in a single browser icon. It means that there is no need for you to click from one window to another in order to bet at Nitrogen Sports.

Interface is clear and doesn`t have any unnecessary advertisements, images or active links. It`s important because we saw similar services where every wrong click opens strange icons with advertisements that don`t belong to betting service. It`s strange.

Esports betting offer

We know that a bigger part of all Internet users is interested in betting on esports, so we will stop at this point for a little bit longer. And, luckily to all fans, Nitrogen sports don`t have problems with this aspect. If you will choose this site for betting on esports, you will be able to choose between Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Website will show you all available matches.

Bet types

All users, who want to bet on matches with Nitrogen Sports, are able to do this on different disciplines before the matches and during the matches. How it works?

For example, you want to bet on a football match. You open the page with matches and choose the one you want to bet on. After that, you click on this event and choose your team and enter the sum of the bet.

However, if you want to bet on a in-play event, you need to remember that if one team gets huge advantage, you are not able to bet on it. Of course, everything depends on the level of the opponents, but you need to be ready for such situations.

Nitrogen sports Bonuses and promotions

We`ve looked through the site for a few times and didn`t find any special offers for clients. It means that you can work only with regular coefficients.

Mobile betting

Unfortunately, you can`t use an option of mobile betting while working with Nitrogen Sports. So, if you want to bet on sport events or competitions, you need to do it from your personal computer.

Payment methods and support

At this point, Nitrogen Sports betting resource differs from other services. Why? Because the only available currency here is bitcoin. Yes, it`s not a joke. You will have a personal wallet dedicated to your profile. You only need to put some money there, and the system will turn it into bitcoin. Someone thinks that it`s a big disadvantage, but we think that it`s an extraordinary move, and the company goes away from usual methods.

However, if you are tired of betting and want to do something else, you can easily play poker or go to the virtual casino. Don`t forget to read the rules before the game.

Nitrogen Sports Freedback

If we will go through the website once again, look on all advantages and disadvantages, we can easily say that Nitrogen Sports is not a bad variant for users who want to try themselves in betting sphere. Of course, it`s bad that we can`t use mobile betting or that there are no special offers.