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GGbet about

GGbet is probably the most popular betting service right now. All popular cybersport organizations cooperate with it and promote its services. Since 2016, when this website was found, all fans came there and started betting on their favourite teams.

However, there is a group of people who don`t even realize what this service truly is. So, we`ve decided to make a review and describe all important topics of this service. Read this article, and you will know everything about GGbet.

Pros and cons

The main advantage of this service is that it`s specialized on cybersport betting. Here, you are able to bet on League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Smite, World of Tanks, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Heroes of the Storm, Battlegrounds and StarCraft 2. Every event or tournament that happens in these disciplines comes through GGbet, and every user is able to bet and win.

But if you think that this service was made only for esports, you are wrong. All sport fans can come here and bet on football, basketball, ice hockey, boxing, volleyball, snooker, handball and MMA.

Also, if you are not interested in betting right now, you can visit the news page and reed some articles about events. However, here we have a huge minus of GGbet betting service – all news is only about cybersport, so if you want to read about football or any other discipline, you need to find something else.

And the second disadvantage is that here you have only five available languages: Russian, American, Turkish, Brazilian and Sweden.

Interface and usability review GGbet

The interface is pretty simple, so you won`t face any problems while visiting the site. on the main page, you are able to go on other pages (esports, sports, slots, insta games and news). All pages are opening in a single window, which is pretty comfortable. You don`t need to switch from one browser page to another

GGbet also has a search window, so if you don`t want to go through all bets and just find the one you need, you can enter key words and find it in a blink of an eye.

Esports betting offer 

If you came to GGbet to bet on some esports events, you make it right. Here, you will be able to work with best coefficients and, if your bet wins, get really huge win. Website experts make deep analysis, compare team results and only then give their coefficients on the matches.

However, you should know that GGbet don`t give users any special offers like discounts and bonus betting. Only simple bets, nothing more.

Bet types

Here, at GGbet, you are able to bet on in-play events and right before they begin. You should remember that if you will bet on live events, the coefficients may change. Everything depends on how everything will happen, so you should make a right decision.

Bonuses and promotions

With GGbet bonus, you will be able to take regular bonuses from the bookies. For example, if you will make a series of bets in one discipline, and all results will be positive, you will bet extra money. Or, if you will bet on any matches in a current event (for example, Starladder in Dota 2 or CS: GO), the bookie will give you a bonus bet. Bonuses are changing very fast, so don`t miss your chance.

Mobile betting

Unfortunately, you can`t bet on GGbet with your mobile device, because the company didn`t create an application for Play market or App Store. So, the only way for betting here is to use your personal computer.

Payment methods and support

Many people hate when betting services offer them to bet only with real money. However, if we are talking about GGbet, everything is much better. Here, you have three payment methods: with real money, with bitcoin and your game skins.

When you create an account, the system gets access to your Steam account, so you are able to use skins from different games (Dota 2, CS: GO). If you decided to bet with real money, you can choose the most comfortable currency for yourself (GGbet have 10 available currencies).


That`s all. We`ve gone across the site and looked on all details that may be important for users and clients, and in conclusion we want to say that this is a default betting service, which is specialized on esports betting (the site has 14 cybersport disciplines available for betting).

The bad thing is that you can`t bet with your smartphone, because GGbet doesn`t have it`s own mobile app.

If you are a real fan of esports and want to make regular bets on your favourite team in all available disciplines, this service is definitely for you!