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Dota2 Lounge Reviews


If you are a fan of the MOBA called Dota 2, you should know that there is one service where you can bet on every game from every tournament and win huge prizes because of the high coefficients. And this service is named Dota 2 lounge. Here, you can test your luck and bet on available matches with your game skins.

However, people who are only coming to this service want to know more about it (how it works, is it smart enough, can they use its mobile version etc.). We heard a lot of such questions, so we think that it`s time to give you a review on Dota 2 lounge.

Pros and cons

First of all, we would like to start with positive and negative website aspects.

The first and, probably, the main advantage is that on Dota 2 lounge you can do only one thing โ€“ bet on matches. You won`t see any unneeded advertisements or strange links from other pages. You simply need to choose one matches (or many matches, if you want), choose the team that you want to bet on and bet with your game skins. The system will automatically download all items to the bet, and if your team wins, you will take your prize depending on the coefficient.

Yes, someone can say that the biggest disadvantage of this service is that it`s only about Dota 2. Well, we don`t think so. If the website was made for than, it won`t be changed. So, we think that this betting service doesn`t have any negative aspects. You also should know that there is a similar service made special for another popular online game โ€“ Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Interface and usability

The interface is pretty simple, so you won`t face any problems while visiting the site. All functions that are available on the main page will open in a single window, so you don`t need to click from one icon to another. When you click on the button, the system reacts immediately. On the bottom of every page you will see the icons of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.). You can click on those icons and visit the service`s official pages to get more information (if needed).

If you don`t want to spend time scrolling the page from the top to the bottom, you can easily find what you need with the help of searching icon. Just enter the keywords, and the system will give you all possible results.

Esports betting offer

On Dota 2 it`s all about esports betting. There are no other services like casino or poker, only Dota 2. Here, you will be able to work with best coefficients and, if your bet wins, get really huge win. We read many reviews send from users and can easily say that this service has the best coefficients for Dota 2 matches. You don`t believe us? So, go and check it by yourself!

Bet types

Here, at Dota2 Lounge bet, can make single and multiple bets. You can bet on the events before they begin or do it when they are already in-play. However, you can`t bet on a current thing that could happen in the game (for example, a random player will do more than 10 kills in a game). You can bet only on a final result.

Dota2 Lounge coins and promotions

With Dota 2, you will be able to take regular bonuses from the bookies. It could be an extra high coefficient or a bonus skins for special matches (grand finals, international teams` tournaments). Don`t miss those opportunities!

Mobile betting

Unfortunately, Dota 2 lounge doesn`t have it`s own mobile application for betting, so the only way to bet on matches is through the personal computer. Who knows, maybe later they will upgrade their services and create a special app.

Payment methods and support

We said it before, but we will repeat once again โ€“ you use your game skins as a currency. You don`t need money, you don`t need bitcoins, you don`t need anything else. Just your skins. Commons, uncommon, immortal, legendary and other kinds of skins could be used at Dota 2 lounge. If you feel that something went wrong, you can always ask a manager. He will answer very quickly.


It`s hard to make a complete decision about such websites. On one hand, they are pretty simple and useful, so the clients are able to do everything they need without any problems. On the other hand, this website can`t offer you some special services because it`s dedicated to one discipline (here it`s Dota 2). But it`s not a problem, and we can`t count it as a negative aspect.

We think that every Dota 2 fan who wants to bet on his favourite team with the best coefficients should use Dota 2 lounge for betting.