Review eSports bettings

Betsafe Reviews


Betsafe odds is a popular betting service that was found in 2006 and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority that year. Since that time, millions of clients have used betting service to win prizes with their teams in football, basketball, volleyball and other sports.

However, new users came every day, and a bigger part of them simply don`t know what to do there. How to bet on matches? What currency is available there? Can they bet on esports events? All these questions must have answers, so we`ve prepared a review of the Betsafe to tell you everything that you should know.

Pros and cons

The first thing that pay attention to is the website design. It`s pretty simple – harmonious mix of red and grey is looking good, and users don`t feel themselves uncomfortable.

We don`t see a lot of advertisements, and it`s good. You can easily find the needed button and click on it. Why it`s important? Because we have already analyzed some similar resources, and the main problem here was that all pages had active links inside. If you missed, two or three advertising windows appeared in your browser.

Every user who will be betting with Betsafe has pretty good choice – 30 disciplines, including esports, chess, motorsports and other disciplines. It`s always good to have a multiple choice, so we think that it`s an advantage.

It`s also important to say that this service has searching window, so you are able to perform a quick search using keywords.

Interface and usability

The website of Betsafe company was made in two simple colors – red and grey. You won`t see some colorful pictures that will draw your opinion or distract you from betting on favorite sports discipline. Simplicity is the key.

The default language is English, but if you want, you can choose another one – there are nine other languages available.

If we are talking about usability, it`s important to say that all buttons are on the right places. You can easily find the needed column or table and bet on your team or player.

Esports betting offer

We know that a bigger part of all Internet users is interested in betting on esports, so we will stop at this point for a little bit longer. When it comes to betting on disciplines like Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends and Call of Duty, Betsafe is making everything right, because every day you have more than 50 events available for betting! However, it`s not the end.

Let`s not forget that everyone who will bet on esports with Betsafe will have very high coefficients on all events.

Bet types

All Betsafe users are able to bet on different disciplines before the matches and during the matches. How it works?

For example, you want to bet on a football match. You open the page with matches and choose the one you want to bet on. After that, you click on this event and choose your team and enter the sum of the bet.

However, if you want to bet on a in-play event, you need to remember that if one team gets huge advantage, you are not able to bet on it. Of course, everything depends on the level of the opponents, but you need to be ready for such situations.

However, if you are tired of betting, you can try something extraordinary. It could be poker or casino. Just enter the game and get ready to face other players!

Betsafe Bonus and promotions

Huge betting service like Betsafe won`t be so popular without regular promotions. Every user who will follow the updates and website news will be able to get really huge prizes from these special bets. Betsafe has regular bonuses on casino and poker, so you definitely should try them.

Mobile betting

All smartphone users could calm down, because Betsafe has it`s own mobile application, where you can do everything that you`ve done earlier in PC version. This smart app is available for download on the official website, Play Market or App store.

Payment methods and support

The payment process is probably the most important topic for every user. However, you don`t need to panic – here, in Betsafe, you will work with checked paying services. Each client will have his own account with paying data. You can also use your debit card for betting. Here you can bet only with real money.

If you have some problems with betting, you can ask for some support. There is a chat available on the website. Ask anything that you think is important, and manager will help you.

Conclusion about betsafe esports

If we will go through the website once again, look on all advantages and disadvantages, we can easily say it is an optimal variant for betting. If you are looking for a service that has good reputation and high coefficients, you definitely should try Betsafe esports.