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1xbet esports Reviews


How many times did you hear about 1xbet? We can say that we see it everyday in advertising videos on YouTube, we see it`s active links on different websites (while watching movies or TV series). And if one part of Internet users simply ignores such promotion, other part can easily go and try to bet on a football match or on a dog race.

However, is this service as good as it is in advertising videos? Can we really expect on a qualitative services and high coefficients? To answer on these questions, we`ve prepared a 1xbet review. Get ready, because here you will read about all details and operations available on this website.

1xbet review Pros and cons

The first thing that should be mentioned while working with this website โ€“ the number of offers. You can bet on everything you want, from football to rugby, from boxing to surfing and from TV-games to chess. The website shows you the number of all live events. You can bet on matches that will start right now or make a long-term bet โ€“ bet on event that will happen in a few weeks or months (for example, you can bet on Champions League final result or predict who will win the UEFA Nations League).

Next advantage โ€“ statistics. If you came to the betting service for the first time, you should understand everything about the competitors (their results, their average rating and other number that could help you to make a choice). Yes, in most cases coefficients say it all, but you should remember that in sport events everything can happen.

We also must say about simple details like filters (you can change the format of the coefficients, the look of the website, change print etc.), and an ability of betting with Telegram. You only need to click on the active link, and the system will take you to the betting page.

1xbet bonus If you worry about languages, we can say that 1xbet is working with more than 30 languages.

However, 1xbet is not a perfect service, so it has its own disadvantage. For example, if you want to scroll down the table of events, you need to scroll this current part of the page, but not the whole page.

Another advantage is the promotion methods. We can`t name another betting company that has so many advertising videos posted through websites.

Interface and usability

The interface is pretty simple, so you won`t face any problems while working with the site. On the main page, you are able to go on other pages (esports, sports, slots, insta games and news). All pages are opening in a single window, which is pretty comfortable. You don`t need to switch from one browser page to another. It`s very comfortable when you want to open a single sport category.

1xbet also has a search window, so if you don`t want to go through all bets and just find the one you need, you can enter key words and find what you need.

Esports betting offer

According to all advertisements, we know that 1xbet is all about real sport disciplines like football, tennis and others. but this company can`t be one of the best with esports betting. With 1xbet, you are able to bet on Dota 2, FIFA, CS: GO and Mortal Combat.

Bet types

Here, at 1xbet, you are able to bet on in-play events and right before they begin. You should remember that if you will bet on live events, the coefficients may change depending on the result. Be careful with your decisions.

Bonuses and promotions

If you be with 1xbet, you should be ready to take regular bonuses from the bookies. It can be a multiple bet, an extra winning money, a better coefficients and other cool things.

Mobile betting

1xbet knows that clients won`t be able to bet from PC every single time. So, they`ve created a mobile application, and you can download it from Play Market, App Store or right from the official website.

Payment methods and support

If you have accounts in services like WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill or Todito Cash, you are the lucky one, because 1xbet works with all these services. Just make sure that you have enough money to bet on the event.


That`s all. We can`t say that 1xbet is a supernatural service with some special functions. Yes, it`s smart. Yes, it has simple interface and you can easily orientate there, but we can`t find something that could shock us. It`s just a good service for people who enjoy betting and want to be sure that their money won`t be stolen. Nothing more.

1xbet feedback

If you want to try your betting skills in all sport disciplines,1xbet feedbackis the perfect choice for you. just create a personal profile and make sure that you have enough money to bet here (the minimal sum of a bet is 1$).